The Safari Beach has got its own restaurant with a very attractive terrace, completely shaded by the pine wood, so that staying there makes you feel satisfied. The restaurant is a part of the camp and the beach.
The restaurant’s capacity is about ………………places and the guests are offered specialties “a la card” as well as national dishes, various banquets are organized there, seminars, congresses, collegiums….What we can recommend is as follows:
- Cold and warm starters
- Fish specialties
- Barbecue specialties
- Salads
- Fruit and sweets
- Pizzas, piroshkas and a lot of other dishes

A special service of our restaurant is “PARADISE WEDDINGS” on the shore itself.

The beach bar “SAFARI” is located on the beach and it is an extraordinary place where you can relax from sunrise to sunset.
We can make the following recommendation:
- Various coffee drinks
- Alcohol and soft drinks
- Various cocktails
In the end, it is necessary to emphasize that there is the possibility of beach service.
Besides the mentioned things the Safari Beach also comprises all other necessary additional contents for renting.
Come and visit us and check it for yourself.